Take A Look For Madden NFL 18 Visuals In Project Scorpio

EA-Studio Patrick Soderlund also talked about the upcoming Xbox: Project Scorpio at E3. The developments in the game industry are particularly drastic and the 6 TFLOPS of the Scorpio are just right. For illustration, he showed screenshots from the upcoming Madden NFL 18.

Electronic Arts’ vice-chief and chief of the global studios Patrick Soderlund has also recently expressed his opinion on the Xbox: Project Scorpio at E3. At first he pointed to the future developments and changes in the games sector, which would be bigger in the coming years than in the past 45 years – a daring thesis.

According to Soderlund, innovative platforms are needed to enable these new developments. Accordingly, one would be very pleased to have received the first developer kit of the Xbox: Project Scorpio – which is known to bring 6 TFLOPS performance real 4K resolution to the screen.

During this lecture, Soderlund showed screenshots from the upcoming Madden NFL 18. What you see there, according to Soderlund, is only a taste for what the Frostbite engine can represent on the Scorpio. As a result, one could expect the “most detailed and high-resolution environments” you’ve ever seen on a console.

All this sounds in the first place after phrases from the marketing department EAs. What you see in the screen shots, is visually undoubtedly handsome, the past Madden offshoots but also looked without Scorpio very appealing. As Soderlund says, Scorpio is “a powerful platform that comes at the right time.” However, what is now the pioneering developments that S?derlund sees on the horizon, can not yet be discovered in EAs this year’s E3 lineup.

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Madden NFL 18 Review Of Ultimate Team And MUT Coins

Madden 18 is a respectable addition to the overall series. The impressive nature of its graphics and the continued enjoyment throughout its game modes gives it enough prowess to sustain its image and produce a pleasing experience throughout your time with it.

EA Sports has also added a new co-operative Ultimate Team called MUT Squads, and given the visuals a bit of a makeover. Co-op play adds a new dimension to Ultimate Team, which has been getting a little stale in recent years – and not just in Madden. Because everything is better when played with friends, MUT Squads is perfect for anybody who’s fallen out of love with Ultimate Team.

Ultimate team is arguably the most enjoyable feature introduced to some of EA’s sports titles over the past few years. The concept of Ultimate Team begins with players starting by opening a series of packs of cards that in turn create your very own personal roster. The randomisation of the cards grants the player a team that consists of players from every position and every team. Within this game mode, you can create a team that has the potential to see Aaron Rodgers throwing his famous Hail Mary to a waiting Odell Beckham Jr, all while players such as Von Miller command your resilient defence.

Madden Ultimate team is where players can bring their wildest fantasy team to life, and whether you set up your team in solo challenges or go head to head versus other players, there is a wonderful depth to the game mode that can see you become overpowered and enthralled by the whole concept. The entire experience pushes players into new levels of gaming ability – this is your team, your decisions, and your play calls, and it brings the perfect platform to go and dominate the competition.

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Madden Top Players In Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 2018 is the new delivery of the American football simulator of Electronic Arts, the sport king in the United States and that increasingly generates more followers. Check out the Top players in each position below.

Kickers and Punters

Justin Tucker (Baltimore Ravens): 87
Johnny Hekker (Los Angeles Rams): 85
Matt Bryant (Atlanta Falcons): 85
Bryan Anger (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): 85
Marquette King (Oakland Raiders): 85


Kyle Juszczyk (San Francisco 49ers): 91
James Develin (New England Patriots); 84
Patrick DiMarco (Buffalo Bills): 84
Aaron Ripkowski (Green Bay Packers): 83
Andy Janovich (Denver Broncos): 82


Kam Chancellor (Seattle Seahawks): 95
Eric Berry (Kansas City Chiefs): 94
Earl Thomas III (Seattle Seahawks): 94
Harrison Smith (Minnesota Vikings): 93
Eric Weddle (Baltimore Ravens): 93

Defensive Ends

Aaron Donald (Los Angeles Rams): 99
J.J. Watt (Houston Texans): 98
Brandon Graham (Philadelphia Eagles): 95
Cameron Jordan (New Orleans Saints): 92
Calais Campbell (Jacksonville Jaguars): 91

Tight Ends

Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots): 98
Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs): 94
Jimmy Graham (Seattle Seahawks): 93
Delanie Walker (Tennessee Titans): 93
Greg Olsen (Carolina Panthers): 92

Middle Linebackers

Luke Kuechly (Carolina Panthers): 98
Bobby Wagner (Seattle Seahawks): 93
Dont’a Hightower (New England Patriots): 89
C.J. Mosley (Baltimore Ravens): 89
NaVorro Bowman (San Francisco 49ers): 88

Outside Linebackers

Von Miller (Denver Broncos): 99
Khalil Mack (Oakland Raiders): 97
Justin Houston (Kansas City Chiefs): 93
Sean Lee (Dallas Cowboys): 91
Chandler Jones (Arizona Cardinals): 88


Chris Harris Jr. (Denver Broncos): 94
Aqib Talib (Denver Broncos): 94
Malcolm Butler (New England Patriots): 92
Patrick Peterson (Arizona Cardinals): 91
Josh Norman (Washington Redskins): 90


Tom Brady (New England Patriots): 99
Aaron Donald (Los Angeles Rams): 99
Von Miller (Denver Broncos): 99
Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots): 98
Julio Jones (Washington Redskins): 98


Madden NFL 18 Review – Finally An Improved Football Game

American Football is not a popular sport in the Netherlands. The Americans, on the other hand, did not like it. What FIFA is here is Madden NFL in America. Nevertheless, there are enough Football enthusiasts in the Netherlands to publish the Madden NFL here every year. Whether this game deserves a chance, we discuss in the Madden NFL 18 review.

It’s September and that means starting a new season from the NFL, the largest and most important American Football league in the world. Madden NFL Football is already in the 29th part of the series and in recent years the game has not really made much progress against previous parts.

EA owns a monopoly on NFL’s rights and therefore often eliminates the creation of almost the same game. This year, EA Sports has thrown over another move by switching to the Frostbite Engine like FIFA 17. This engine should provide a more realistic experience, and that has also been achieved in a sense.

Madden Interpreted It From The Journey

The other thing Madden has “picked” from FIFA is a play mode with a story a la The Journey. In Madden this mode is called Long Shot. In this you play the role of Devin Wade, a young ambitious quarterback who ran away from a successful career and is now trying to revitalize his life in football. He is asked to join a TV show called the Longshot, who can help him with this.

You play the storyline in a way that you may know of the Telltale games. During conversations between the characters, make decisions that affect the further course of the story. You notice that a decision you make or the way you play a minigame really affects the course of the story, but you can quickly figure out what consequences a particular decision will have. That does get the tension a bit out of the story.

Also, there could have been more football. Over the whole story, you can play in a solid 5 hours, you play a few pots of football and took it very long before you first entered Devin Wade. Despite this criticism, Longshot is overall a fun addition to the game and the story is dizzy enough to play multiple times to see what other outcomes can be. Longshot is therefore a good addition to the game and certainly fine for the change.

A New Engine With New Problems

Ultimately, in an American Football game, it’s a matter of playing American Football on your Xbox One or Playstation 4. The previously discussed Frostbite engine makes the experience a lot smoother, but definitely not a lot better. For the moment, the game is still missing from unnecessarily missed tackles, unnecessarily many fumbles and other flaws in the football game that cause extreme frustration. There are still many bugs and imperfections in the game, which hopefully will be eliminated during the first few weeks of the game.

Like almost every year, EA tries to update the game by adding new mechanics. This year, precision fitting is an important addition. This allows you to accurately throw the ball to the place where only your teammates can catch him. Nice, but not very exciting, honestly.

Play Madden 17 Or Madden 18?

EA Tiburon, since its inception, the developer of the Madden NFL series, will be released this year with a game that seems ridiculous to the predecessor in terms of design. At least a new background from the start menu, but the design is almost the same. Also the presentation is almost the same with only a few new texts added. Perhaps EA should consider a new design, which reduces loading times and navigates the menu menu, as it is still flawed and slow.

Whoever watches a lot of gameplay from Madden NFL on YouTube knows that Ultimate Team with Distance is the most important mode in the game. Again this year, EA has again concealed the concept to keep the player captivated. Instead of purchasing only the best player in the auction house or in packs that you can buy with real money, this year it is possible to upgrade players from a 73 overall to maybe 91 overall.

Ultimate Team fans have clearly stated that they are struggling to build a good team without spending real money. EA meets these players through challenges that allow you to play players who can not sell or trade. In this way, you can build a strong team without the entire economy of Ultimate Team getting drunk. This makes Ultimate Team a lot more play-to-win rather than pay-to-win.

MUT Squads

As an addition to Madden Ultimate Team, EA has added a new, cooperative mode to MUT, namely MUT Squads. One of the most important new features we’ve seen on the E3. After playing the game several times, it may be said that it does not work unless you interact with friends with whom you communicate well and clearly. There is a possibility of being paired with two other random players to record three against three other players, as you notice that communication is missing and that it will be a bunch of errors.

A player is responsible for the attack and plays the quarterback, the team game divider, another chooses the tactics of the defense and the third player actually seems to only attend bacon and beans that may play well. Hopefully, this mode will be further elaborated in the future or future Madden NFL games, because here is definitely potential.

Madden NFL 18 Review – Still Fun, But Not Much News

Madden has been a very fun game for fans for years and like FIFA, you feel almost obliged to buy the game again. It only starts to annoy you always get the same game. Actually, it is time to do something about it.

It does not matter that you can enjoy your Madden NFL 18 perfectly, and even up to the release of the Madden NFL 19 with Ultimate Team. And if you’re not yet familiar with American Football, Madden NFL 18 is the perfect introduction to the most tactical and spectacular sport in the world. If you want to buy excellent players in MUT mode after the release of Madden 18, you can choose buy cheap Madden 18 coins for sale on madden-store.com. You won’t want to miss them.

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Watch The Mobile Version Of Madden NFL 18 Game

Madden 18 has unveiled over the past few weeks. But the title of EA Sports will also continue to decline on mobile.

On Tuesday, EA Sports released a small teaser, which obviously features Tom Brady, the game’s ambassador this year.

The graphics are obviously less impressive than on console, but there should still be something to look after.

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Madden NFL 18 Have No Announcements To Make Regarding HDR Spport

EA has announced that Madden NFL 18, unlike some other games, will not need a special patch to run with the 4K resolution on the Playstation 4 Pro. With regard to image update, there are 60 fps that apply, but you choose to play at lower resolution, so you will get higher speeds in some parts of the game.

“Madden NFL 18 supports PS4 Pro to launch in both 4K and 1080p, with no update needed. If a gamer chooses to run Madden NFL 18 in 4K, they will see improved resolution, if they choose to run the game in 1080p, they will See improved frame rate in certain areas of the presentation. Core gameplay will render at 60fps regardless. We have no announcements to make regarding HDR support at this time. ”

How it will be with resolution and image update on Xbox One X when released later this fall, EA has not said anything yet. More Madden NFL 18 news we will post here in madden-store.com, you can keep eyes close in our site.

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EA Sports Presented The Video Behind Madden NFL 18 Story Mode – Longshot

As you will remember, Madden NFL 18 will feature a story mode called Longshot, which will tell the story of the fictional player Devin Wade and his rise to sporting success. This mode will rely on kinematics and will seek to integrate properly into the experience by offering a different component to the usual game modes. As part of the title promotion campaign, EA Sports introduced the behind-the-scenes Longshot mode.

Today, Electronic Arts presented the video behind Longshot, Madden NFL 18 story mode, on the official EA Sports channel on YouTube. James Roch Lemon II (J.R. Lemon) – former player of the Oakland Raiders and today actor – is the one who gives us the introduction to the video because it is the one in charge of giving voice and movements to Devin Wade, protagonist of the history. Lemon highlighted the work done around Longshot to offer an interesting story from a cinematic point of view and the way it integrates into the gaming experience, as it allows to go beyond the realism to which the games of the series have us accustomed. Mike Young, writer and director of Longshot, highlighted the core of its history as it will feature dramatic dyes typical of the struggle of a player who is looking to fulfill a dream and will have to face the obstacles that face him.

The story mode of Madden NFL 18 will feature players like Dan Marino and actors like Scott Porter, who will accompany Devin Wade on his way to success in the NFL.

Madden NFL 18 will arrive on August 25 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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